Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snowballs and Cupid

Strange post title wouldn't you say?  Don't worry I haven't lost my quilting mind.  I have been working very hard on finalising the applique designs for the Reindeer quilt.  The poor men in my house have heard me grumbling on the placement and shape of ears and eyes.  At one stage I wrote something in fineliner instead of using pencil first and complained loudly that it was in the wrong spot.  Chris asked if I needed to have my fineliner license revoked.  Smarty pants!

I can't complain though (although I will) the kitchen table has been taken over by paper, pencils, card and felt.  We haven't seen the wood on the table for a couple of days.  The men in my house are very understanding.

Corey was sick today so all the plans I had made went out the window so I sat quietly at the kitchen table and cut, ironed and hand sewed.   All the patterns completed and I decided that the first reindeer to come to life would be Cupid.  Isn't that felt I have chosen just make you want to pat them?!

I really wanted the reindeers to have texture and touchability.  This reindeer sitting on the snowball pile is Donner.  Such a proud chest and cute head.  I really love the red collar.   

I fiddled around a little trying to get the 'snowballs' right.  The backing fabric that I got from my lovely local embroidery lady worked  a treat.  It is nice and soft so that it drapes nicely still and does't stiffen the fabric.   No red showing through my snowballs making them pink. Yay!!  I have a nice pile of snowy white snowballs.  I hand sewed the first one on today.  This is the beginning of Cupid's snowball.  Don't you just love his heart shaped chest?

I am happy with the nice curve that I got on the snowball.

This is Cupid.  Such a dainty and lovely creature.

Forgive the pins in his head but I have to get some embroidery floss tomorrow to match the fur and they are a temporary fixing solution.  Hope you think that Cupid is as cute as I think he is. 


Emma said...

Looking pretty cute!

Natalie Ross said...

I love what you are doing here Michelle. I can't wait to see it all complete. "Cupid" just simply could not get any cuter and thanks for sharing your beautiful creation.

Nat :-)

ana @ i made it so said...

oh it is going to be so cute. i'm also looking forward to the finished project!

thanks for sharing the inspiration... :)

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