Friday, February 25, 2011


Have you ever had one of those days when you would like to do just this?

Pull the covers back over your head and block out the world?  Thank Goodness It's Friday!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Extreme Monkey Makeover Episode 2

For those who have been following the misfortunes of Molly the Monkey the much anticipated Episode Two has arrived!

We left Molly just as she had her surgery.  It was now time for her to go back to the doctors and get the bandages removed.  Molly was very nervous waiting in the Waiting Room.

She was hoping that all would be good.  The bandages came off and the operations were a success!! Now all she had to do was to get back into shape.  On a diet of banana leaves and a strict exercise schedule  her trainer, "Commando Chimp", made her work hard.  Molly sweated as she lifted weights. 

She worked hard and eventually it was time to reveal her new self to the other monkeys and her family.  Would they see her as the beautiful monkey she once was.

She was beautiful!  No more Molly Lumpy Bum for her.  /Now she was Molly Lurvely Lumps!!  Her monkey family and friends applauded loudly.  She was once again a beautiful monkey.

So boys and girls learn from Molly.  Please slip, slop, slap and take care of yourself and be careful at the Big Day Out!  Molly says she looks forward to making the journey to her new home and fulfilling her dream to become the best friend to a little girl.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Fabric & Kaffe Fassett

Don't those words make your heart flutter when you love patchwork!  We have recently purchased a new red couch (which is amazing) and Hubby thought a new quilt on the couch was in order.  The quilts on our old couch are loved and are snuggled under on a regular basis when it is cold.  Anybody who knows Ballarat knows that that can be quite often!  Off to the quilt shop and after much umming and ahhing this large bundle of deliciousness was chosen.

I am off to see Kaffe Fassett on Wednesday night so am very excited.  I have even purchased a book for signing!  Never collected a signature in my life so kind of feel like a silly teenager but thought it might be a nice reminder everytime I open the front cover of the book.  I have a Jamie Oliver cookbook with his signature in the flap and it always makes me smile when I open it.  Will let you know what the lecture is like.  Hopefully I will gain some pearls of wisdom on color!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

When Monty Met Jonty

Last week shy little Monty Monkey hid his face from the camera.  I finally was able to bribe him with some banana milkshakes into posing for a few photos.  Monty, slow down!! We can't go outside yet because I haven't got the camera.

He is so cheeky and quick!  I have to run to keep up.  Here is a pic of him swinging in my beans.

Monty was very excited because he was off to his new home with a little boy called Jonty.  I did get him to sit still for just a moment though.

Before we set off Corey wanted to pose with Monty for one last photo.  The other monkey in the shot is Gizmo, a monkey Corey made some time ago.  Kind of reminds me of the three wise monkeys; see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.  Not sure which one Corey is...hmmmm.

We were ready to go.  Monty couldn't wait.  Finally the time arrived.....

When Monty met Jonty.  Aren't they the cutest pair! I bet they will get up to many adventures together.  In fact I am sure they already have.

P.S All the monkeys shown here are courtesy of the Melly & Me pattern Magoo.  I have had heaps of fun creating my own monkey troop!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Extreme Monkey Makeover Episode One

Molly the Monkey never heeded the 'Slip, Slop, Slap' warnings.  After living a life, carefree and in the sun and drinking creamy banana cocktails by the pool, the 'Big Day Out' was the final straw.  Look away if you are squeamish!!!!  It is not pretty what happens to a Monkey who stays out in the sun all day.....

Her awfully obvious cellulite and wrinkles meant that she was teased mercilessly by the other monkeys.  Names were called, faces were pulled and insults were traded until finally Molly could take no more.  Her kind foster parents auditioned her for Extreme Makeover and she was accepted.  No more would she be called Molly Lumpy Bum!!!  Molly was so very excited.

Whisked away to the Extreme Makeover compound in sunny Ballarat work began almost immediately on making Molly the gorgeous monkey she used to be. 

Husband and wife Monkey Surgeons extraordinaire, Drs Chris & Michelle,  began by undoing the damage done by the sun.

First, liposuction  to remove the lumpy cellulite below the surface.  Then a face lift and other surgery to rebuild her face began.

How will Molly look after her surgery?  Will she be restored to her youthful good looks?  Will the taunts of the other monkeys finally be silenced?  Stay tuned for Episode two of Extreme Monkey Makeover.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A New Friend

Meet my new friend, Monty the Monkey.

He is a little shy so he doesn't wan't to show his face.  But he will wave hello.  Put your hand up Monty!

Monty loves to climb trees, collect catepillars and play cricket.  This is a very good thing because when he meets his new little owner I am sure that he will be doing a lot of these types of things.  He may actually be a mischevious and cheeky monkey once he gets over his shyness.

Maybe tomorrow I can persuade him to have a better photo.What has been in your creative space?

Thursday, February 3, 2011


It seems that eveerywhere I look at the moment I see stacks!  Our family has been trialling the 'no tv, computer and video games' thing for the month of February.  It is an interesting experiment so far.  We have been busy little beavers creating stacks!

Stacks of things to be sorted and sold......

Rather daunting stack isn't it?!  There is a table under there but there is still a lot 'stuff''.  There has also been organizing done in my stash.  Mainly putting away what has come my way lately.....

Uninspiring photo I know but it is so nice to have everthing organized again and not falling out every time I disturbed the equilibrium.  Look at this stack of loveliness.....

Yummy Melly & Me fabrics.  I have a secret squirrel project organized for that stack of deliciousness.  While scrounging in my stash I found these little stacks of hexagons.

They are lovely and I did get a little distracted playing with them.  I got one of my lovely little monkeys finished and it has already been adopted out.  It all happened so fast and I didn't get time for a photo.  Sorry peeps!  The monkey has gone to a good home because she was hugged and snuggled upon adoption and even had her seat belt put on for her journey home. 

These stacks are awaiting some button hole stitching and one of the piles is waiting for me to lay them out ready to sew together.  Hopefully they will look like cubes when I am finished with them!  Any way that is what is in my space today! Stacks.
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