Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting There

It is Creative Space Thursday!  I love this day.  Kootoyoo is lovely blog that invites fellow bloggers to leave a link to what they are working on for the day.  Check it out.  There are so many creative ladies out there.

My Reindeer quilt is coming along nicely.  All the pieces are cut out and layed on the spare room floor like a big jigsaw.

I am off today to search for something to place behind the white fabric so that the red from the centre blocks does not show through.  I like the idea of the pure white snowballs.... not kind of pink ones.

Talking of pink.... I made this quilt for my 5 year old niece a little while ago and it has been awaiting backing and quilting.  This will be her Xmas present.  It was my first adventure into making a quilt with absolutely no pattern at all.

Forgive the glimpse of my very ugly clothesline at the top but it gives an idea of the cut and sew technique that I used.  I wonder if this was the type of washing my physio said I shouldn't be hanging he he.  It should definitely satisfy Audrey's liking for pink.  It kind of looks like a candy stripe gone mad! 

Next time I might try one with one consistent background fabric so that you truly can't see the blocks.  It was quite easy to piece.  You cut one large rectangle and cut where you want to insert a strip.  Sew in the strip you want and cut the opposite way (vertical or horizontal) insert another strip and carry on cutting and inserting until you go cross eyed and then go a little further.

The backing fabric will suit it down to the ground!

Back soon with hopefully a Reindeer to show you! 


Chicken Willow said...

Wow, my daughter would love the pink quilt, just perfect. Well done.

Cate said...

All 3 of my daughters would adore this candy coloured bonanza!!
I can't help thinking what would happen to anything I laid out on the floor like your reindeer certainly wouldn't be in tact 11 seconds later :-) xxx

michelle said...

that pink is certainly eye candy. love the backing too

The Clip Cafe said...

I LOVE BRIGHT QUILTS. Your are sweet! I hope to make my first mini one soon!

Amy said...

To heck with daughters, I want the pink one for myself!
Fantastic work, truely!

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