Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Creative Space

My first creative space for the year!  It is exciting to be back on deck again with everyone in blogland.  I have been busy drawing and drafting for the past month.  I haven't done much sewing except for two friends who have had babies.  One girl and one boy.  So exciting!

Out came the material and with a flurry of scissors and thread a couple of Monkeys have started to be made.  I really enjoy making Melly & Me patterns.  They are very cute.  Perfect presents for babies.  I have even tried some of Melly's new range 'Sew Little'.  I will put a photo up when I am done.

Below are the other fabrics I chose and the start of the ABC123 cubes.

So that is what is on my workspace today. Hope to finish at least the monkeys today and start on buttonhole stitching around the letters.  Better go and get into it!

Today I Feel....

This morning I feel quiet, satisfied and relaxed.  We are all sitting together as a family, relaxing.  My veggie garden is growing fast and new veggies are flowering.
I'm always daydreaming about designing new patterns.  For some reason I have lots of ideas buzzing around in my brain.  I am not complaining!
My nagging inner voice keeps telling me to get on and finish the Reindeer Xmas quilt, work faster and write more patterns.
My thoughts that roll around in my head are tweeking a new design that I have been working on.  I like the pictures that I have done so far but they are missing that special something that makes you say wow!!
I long to finish the quilts that I have been designing and drawing during my summer holidays!
What I am most afraid of is that people will think my designs are awful :(
My inner critic tells me  "You aren't a real designer....."
What I am most grateful for is that I don't listen to my inner critic, or my fears, and do what I do anyway!  Most of all I am grateful that you all enjoy my blog and read the thoughts I share with you all.  Thank you xo.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fundraising Awareness

A quick blog post to draw attention to the fantastic efforts of my bloggy friends who are hosting give aways and raffles and other fund raising ideas to raise money for those affected by the floods in Queensland  Please check them out!  I will be participating in some of them.  Not only do you get the happiness from giving you get the chance to see the generosity of others.

A master list of participating blogs should be up on Make it Perfect by Sunday.  Please go visit your favorite blod and donate.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Finished Stable of Ponies

Hello everyone!  Hope you have all enjoyed your festive season and if you had one, a nice break.  Chris and I have had visitors, been bush walking and checking out all the beautiful sights around our area.  The recent rains have boosted the water falls and so many gorgeous wild flowers.  It was so relaxing.

Anyway I have not been doing a lot of craft lately but I did get to finish the 'horses' for my little nieces just in time for them to be Christmas presents.  A couple of late nights stitching (after midnight) and a few needle pricks in my fingers and all the little ponies were completed.  I look very industrious!

They were worth the effort though.  They were really amazing.  Melanie Hurlston you are one awesome designer chicky!   Corey and I had races up the hallway.  Of course my horse was fastest and won the race. :)

I couldn't stop taking photos of them.  Corey and Chris became my photographer and photographer's assistant.  The one with the horses on the rocks hides Corey behind it stopping the horses from slipping.

My little cutey nieces loved them to bits.  Melanie has named hers Flower and it sleeps beside her bed on its own special pillow.  Brooke (not quite 2) can't ride hers properly yet but sits on it on the ground and holds the reins.  I think my smile was so big it made the Cheshire cat's grin look lame!

Special thanks to Emma from Ballarat Patchwork for helping us out and loving the finished product, Chris for making tea while I stitched and cracking the whip and Corey for not whinging because his Mum was so preoccupied for 2 whole days. Hugs and kisses to you all.
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