Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not Enough Time

It has been busy at my house! Not enough time to craft grrrr.  Usually when I am really busy I can atleast take my sketch book and draw but I haven't even had time for that.  I suppose you all know how I feel though. 

However on the positive side I have completed Corey's advent sock calender.  They even have chocolates in them.  It was a bit of struggle not to eat them though.  I love those Magical Elves with the popping candy in them (yum).

The suction cups didn't work all that well.  Some stuck and some sucked. I got a bit grumpy when I was hanging the full socks and occasionally one would fall off.  I have to get some hooks today and try that.  I am happy with the finished socks though.  See the sock with the bling?

I have also been working on a snowman to sit on the television unit at Christmas time.  I had drawn a snowman a little while ago but haven't had time to make him.  I have made his arms and legs though. 

I am sure Frosty is wishing he had a body!

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