Sunday, July 24, 2011

Silence is Golden

Well maybe not golden in this case but certainly productive.  There has been a frenzy of stitching, threading and sewing going on.  I have even been finishing things!  Miracles do happen, my husband says.  Lol!! 

I have a finished quilt awaiting binding.  Ted was the first one to test out the quilt.

The official quilt tester however got a bit huffy and kicked Ted off, regaining his position as official quilt tester.  He thought the new quilt was pretty alright and settled down to read his favourite night time story.

We will have to be quiet now because Puss is reading.  *In a whisper*  Do you like secrets?  Yes, well just as well we are whispering then!  I have been stitching away on a secret project that I can't show you yet.  Now I know that it  isn't very exciting without a visual but I can say that it looks amazing and I am very pleased with it.  A flurry of red, black, white and green.  Cuteness!  Can't wait to show it to you. 

Last but not least, Hubby and I have been out scouting around for inspiration on our recent holiday.  We visited the lovely Sue at Mill Rose Cottage in Ballan, chatted with the bubbly Merrilyn at Thread Needle, pondered fabric choices with Emma at Ballarat Patchwork and searched around a pile of fabric with Gail at  Gail's Patchwork Emporium.  Of course there has been some beautiful fabrics added to the stash.  Will show you more next time.  Better go now so that I don't wake Puss. It seems he has fallen asleep!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Another Crafty Friend

On Saturday the Crafty Little Fox met Morgan from The Crafty Squirrel.  It is a delightful little shop in Ballarat that is full of lots of little treasures.  Even Mr Crafty Fox found things there that he liked.  She has even added her magic touch to the pole outside the shop.

Now don't you think that all power poles should look like that?  I have some foxy treasure too.....

Morgan's business card was so sweet so I added that in as well.  My other goodies have already found homes.  Do go and visit Morgan if you are in Ballarat.  She is very friendly and her store is well worth a look. 

On other business I have been giving my cutter and the sewing machine a bit of a workout.  I have finished another quilt top with a beautiful new range called Storyboek that I got from Emma at Ballarat Patchwork.  It is the most beautiful fabric.  Now that the top is almost fnished we are off tomorrow to look at fabric for the final border, binding and backing.  With the miserable Ballarat weather and a weeks holiday I am going to have plenty of time to stitch.  Yay!!

Would you like to see a photo of the finished quilt top?  What projects have you been working on?
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