Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Am Grateful For Home

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It has been a long two weeks of travel, cars, trains, conference food, discussions and learning.  I don't mind saying that although my brain is tired and resembles, figuratively at least, mush I did enjoy it.  There was so many interesting and excitng ideas and great people to learn from.

Despite the fun I had, coming home Thursday night on the train seemed to be the longest part of the journey.  In fact I couldn't get home quick enough to the heating, to sit next people I actually knew and to cuddle up on my warm couch and hug my family.  I am grateful to be home.

Has anyone else travelled a bit for work?  What were the bad bits?  What were the good bits?

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Am Still Here

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Despite all appearances the Crafty Little Fox is still here!

I have been commuting to Melbourne for the past week and a bit.  Time on the train is interesting.  I get to read, check out the graffiti art (not tagging, it's ugly) on the back of industrial buildings and observe my fellow passengers.

My favorite passenger to see each night is the Colored Sock guy.  Bright purple and bright green socks so far this week.  Can't wait to see what socks he has tomorrow.  Isn't color wonderful?

I am looking forward to getting back amongst the fabric again.  Can't wait!

Has anyone else needed to commute before?  What did you like about it?  What didn't you like?  And what was the strangest or best thing you have seen on your way to work?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grateful for ..... Rain

It has been so very cold at home today and it seems to have constantly drizzled rain.  I don't mind the rain (as long as I am not in it) but I must say it would be nice just for a little while to see a few rays of sunshine.  Just as a hint, a reminder of things to come. 

The rain however has given me the chance, and an excuse, to bake, drink hot chocolate and make popcorn for the children while they watch dvds.  I have also got a fair bit of stitching done. 

For all those reasons I am grateful for the rain. Head over to Maxabella to see what else others are grateful for.

Do you like the rain?  Do you like thunderstorms, heavy showers and rainbows?  What do you do to keep yourself and yours entertained when the rain comes down?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Itching for Stitching

So much time that I have not found much space to stitch.  Can't wait for the long weekend!

YAY for long weekends.
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