Friday, November 5, 2010

Can you hear the sleigh bells?

Christmas is sneaking upon us all at a quickening pace.  Yikes!  I have not got one present yet and in some instances have not even thought of anything for certain loved people in my life. 

Christmas is a big deal in my house.  I love it.  The food, the decorating, the wrapping and oh, the tree.  The men in my house think I actually become a little Christmas crazy.  The boys shake their heads whilst I am in the middle of debating whether a certain glass ornament should hang a little more to the left or to the right and exchange knowing looks. 

In the spirit of beginning to go 'Christmas Crazy' I have started on a few projects.  I found the most gorgeous reindeer fabrics the other day that just made me go 'awww'.

Isn't that reindeer the cutest thing you've ever seen.  I began cutting last night......

Laid out a few blocks ready for the 'conveyer belt' of sewing.  Husband will have to wait for tea now.  When I took over the kitchen bench he lovingly offered me his desk as well.   I detect notes of sarcasm.  LOL!

The big red square in the middle will have 'photos' of Santa's reindeers appliqued on them.  I have not settled on a method for the reindeer yet; stitching, fabric paint or applique.  I have been auditioning felt.  Still undecided.  Not sure.  Plenty of viewing from different angles and playing around in my head thinking.  I do like the dark felt though.

I have picked some snowball fabric also. I chose it because it looks like little specks of snow.

Sewing commences and it was all going really spiffy until I accidentally ran over a pin.  Yikes!!! Was the Grinch in my sewing space?  Major surgery for the sewing machine needed because the bottom of the needle dropped into the bobbin case. The pin that I had attempted to stitch looked like a giant correct tick!  It was then that I thought perhaps I should give it a rest for the night and go back to drawing the reindeer.  Will give you a sneak peak in a day or two!

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