Monday, May 16, 2011

The Travelogue

Have covered a few kilometres in the last few days and today we are off to the Big Smoke.  For those who have not read my blog before a quick background story.  A few months ago my Mum lost the feeling in her legs and has since then had very limited mobility.  So has begun a journey through the medical system that is all of the following words: frustrating, anger inducing, fruitless and time consuming.

It is like being sucked into a really bad carousel.  Round and around you go.  With no answers, doctors who don't really care and some that do and the eternal waiting.

Does anyone out there in blogland have a family member with chronic illness?  Have you felt that noone listens because they are too busy?  Or have you found that doctor that is one in a million?  What are your experiences?  Please share xo

P.S  If you left a comment on my blog last week and I did not reply I apologise.  It seems that Blogger deleted the comments when they 'improved their service'. Not happy Blogger!

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