Sunday, May 22, 2011

Green Tomatoe Pickles

Finally decided that it was well and truly the end of warm weather and picked the last of the summer veg.  (Took us awhile to get the hint and the thunder this morning with the torrential rain finally sealed the deal) We had heaps of little green cherry tomatoes left on the tomato bushes. What to do?  We made pickles!

This made me think about how we use up the left overs of things.  Like scraps of fabric left over when you cut out a quilt. 

What do you do with your left over scraps?  Do you cut them into shapes or sort them by colour?  Have you ever made quilts from something other than quilt fabric?  Felted jumpers, old denim jeans or cotton mens' shirts are popular. Have you ever tried any of those? 


small catalogue said...

I am a heat seeking green tomato chutney missile - it is the best spread there ever was. Yum!

Tammy said...

I have a knitting bag which is still my favorite I made when I was 15, made from a pair of jeans with the legs chopped off then plaited to make handles :)
I love recycling ideas like that :)

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