Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Creative Space

Have been a bit quiet lately with the 'space'.  I have just started a new job and am finally working under my own speed.  So much to do!  Anyway I did clear Tuesday and managed to finish quilting my 'Bird' quilt.  This afternoon I am adding the binding.  Thanks to Mum for stitching back through all the quilting threads xo.

I don't know if you can see in this photo but I machine quilted some little hearts around the birds.  The effect is rather sweet.

I have also been stitching some reindeers for the Xmas quilt. It is really starting to come together.  All the blocks are made, all the 'snowballs' are gathered and ironed ready for stitching and four reindeers are cut out and basted on the blocks they belong too.  You may have already met Cupid before in a previous post.  If not check him out, he is seriously adorable.

This little guy just needs and eye, a nose and some antlers and he is ready to be added to the finished pile too. 

Happy stitching everyone :)


Amy said...

I love the birds.

Your christmas quilt looks great. I have been meaning to start one for this year, seeing yours makes me want to start mine right away.

Alisa said...

Oh, those little quilted hearts are soooo sweet Shell! What a lovely touch.

A Christy Production said...

They're both looking fantastic!!

june at noon said...

Such great-looking pieces! I love the small details in the quilting, too.

Carolyn said...

Your quilt looks great. What a lovely touch.

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