Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Preparations

More Xmas fun! Our house has been a flurry of tinsel, wrapping paper and stuffing.  The tree looks awesome.  We found some really beautiful decorations this year and I have struggled to choose a favorite.  I am leaning toward the glittery white reindeer but I also really like the birds we found.

Rather handsome bird isn't he?  Talking of  handsome things my lovely son Corey graduated from Junior School last week.  It was a mix of emotions; sad, exciting and nostalgic.  We are extremely proud of him.

*Sigh* they grow so fast!  At the risk of getting nostalgic I remember when he went off to Prep in his first school uniform. Good luck Corey and enjoy everything!

1 comment:

The Clip Cafe said...

They do grow so fast :-( Good luck to him in his new school adventures!!

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