Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Herd of Giddy-ups!

"There was movement at the station for word had passed around,  That Christmas was coming and three little girls needed a pony".  He he.  A little poetic license there I know but we thought it was fitting.

We were Christmas shopping the other day when Chris (husband) noticed Melly & Me Giddy-up hobby horse.  We had thought of some fabric horses for our little nieces as presents but had been unable to find any.  I started off planning to make one but the herd grew to three! 

With my trusty fabric consultant (Chris, who is suprisingly good at coordinating color!) we now have enough fabric for three steeds.  These are the body fabrics that we chose:

The birds are really very cute. 

Thought the apples were fitting seeing it was for horses!

Between what seemed like a million trips down the street yesterday I was busy cutting out horses heads.  I got Chris to do something handy (shock & horror!) and drill holes in the poles needed for the noble steeds.  I wanted to keep the fabric selections all seperate so they have a kitchen chair each.

That big bag of stuffing means work!  And lots of fun.  Here is a close up of the fabric choices for each horse that goes with each main fabric......

Have a great day and I will keep you posted!


Chicken Willow said...

Love all the fabrics!!! Can't wait to see the finished horses. I loved mine growing up. xx

spectacularfairywren said...

WOW! I love that you are in mass production. I never know whether it is a good idea cause i make the same mistake 3,4,5 times instead of 1...

They will be so cute to see galloping/cantering around.

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