Monday, October 3, 2011


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I love this photograph.  It is a little symbolic don't you think?  We do hold the power to be happy in our own hands.  Sometimes, however, we give our happiness to someone else to hold or it gets taken away by something sad. 

So this week I am grateful for my own happiness and the smiles and support of my friends and family.  My lovely father-in-law Des died suddenly on Saturday and we are all a bit sad.  I like to think of my happy memories of Des.  He loved birds, vegetable gardens and his dogs.  It is sad to think that I won't see him again.  Death is such a final thing.  I am so very pleased that I had the chance to know him, love him and learn from him.  Thank you Des for you xxoo


Amy said...

hugs Shell, You guys have been in my thoughts the last few day. Hope you guys are all well xx

Karen said...

Hi Michelle, just dropping by to say Hi as promised. The usual laughs last night at Em's sewing group put me in a good sleeping mood!!! click on over to and say hi.


Retta Vanhorn - PhD in Computer Science said...

Yes, I do agree with you. I interpret this photo by the fact that our happiness is in our own hands. We know exactly what can make us happy and how to attain it. You have a very effective post as you made me think about what you have just shared.

Karen O'Neill at TEFL COURSES said...

Nobody can avoid the death, but I think your father-in-law was happy when staying with your family in the end time.


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