Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Am Grateful For Home

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It has been a long two weeks of travel, cars, trains, conference food, discussions and learning.  I don't mind saying that although my brain is tired and resembles, figuratively at least, mush I did enjoy it.  There was so many interesting and excitng ideas and great people to learn from.

Despite the fun I had, coming home Thursday night on the train seemed to be the longest part of the journey.  In fact I couldn't get home quick enough to the heating, to sit next people I actually knew and to cuddle up on my warm couch and hug my family.  I am grateful to be home.

Has anyone else travelled a bit for work?  What were the bad bits?  What were the good bits?

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Posie Patchwork said...

I only do the odd little interstate trip for my design business, i can't do more as i'm raising 4 children on my own while my husband is away for 3 years for his work. He gets very homesick, particularly when he's training, on exercise or course, the weekends are lonely. Then when he's overseas in war zones, it's a different mix of missing us, being so busy & worry, we focus on the bigger picture, when we're together again & building a homestead & farm, it will make all this time apart worth it.
I'm sure you're feeling very welcome to be home, love Posie

Alice Becomes said...

I actually love long train and bus rides. I find it such a nice time to read, write and watch the world go by. But yes, it is always nice to come home from a time away. What was your conference on? Sounds like you learnt a lot...

Maxabella said...

Ah, there is nothing like a sweet welcome home.

I travel here and there for work, but never for more than a couple of nights. That's just refreshingly needed, not bad at all!! x

small catalogue said...

I've never had a job I had to travel to. Indeed, since I've been a mum I've only gone to work with my daughter. Sometimes I crave the down time of trips away.

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