Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today I Feel....

This morning I feel quiet, satisfied and relaxed.  We are all sitting together as a family, relaxing.  My veggie garden is growing fast and new veggies are flowering.
I'm always daydreaming about designing new patterns.  For some reason I have lots of ideas buzzing around in my brain.  I am not complaining!
My nagging inner voice keeps telling me to get on and finish the Reindeer Xmas quilt, work faster and write more patterns.
My thoughts that roll around in my head are tweeking a new design that I have been working on.  I like the pictures that I have done so far but they are missing that special something that makes you say wow!!
I long to finish the quilts that I have been designing and drawing during my summer holidays!
What I am most afraid of is that people will think my designs are awful :(
My inner critic tells me  "You aren't a real designer....."
What I am most grateful for is that I don't listen to my inner critic, or my fears, and do what I do anyway!  Most of all I am grateful that you all enjoy my blog and read the thoughts I share with you all.  Thank you xo.

1 comment:

The Clip Cafe said...

I have trouble with confidence too - you have no bother! Everything I've seen is wonderful!! xx

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